CRASH DIVE by John Townsend picked by The Independent on Sunday as one of summer’s best young adult reads

Last Sunday, 22nd July, The Independent on Sunday recommended CRASH DIVE by John Townsend as being one of this summer’s best young-adult fiction reads:

“John Townsend is skilled at maintaining the tension in Crash Dive… a pacy, upbeat adventure story in which Barney – a troubled and sometimes troublesome boy, but a very able and witty one – has to commute by air between his divorced parents. He gets caught up in an espionage plot but, because of his ‘attitude problem’, no one will believe him when he asks adults for help. This engaging book would be a good one to give to a misunderstood teenage reader whose behaviour is regarded as ‘challenging’.”

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John Townsend has worked as a classroom teacher for 25 years, specialising in helping children develop literacy skills – having now written 200 children’s books. He strongly believes in giving children the choice to select their own books and knows what is needed to keep them hooked: jaw-dropping, high octane, terrorist thriller featuring Barney Jones, honorary junior MI5 officer, well almost. Barney is just an average school kid, the teachers think his imagination gets the better of him but it’s really true…

He has previously written titles specifically for dyslexic and struggling readers Deadline, Fire Bomb and Ice Fall (available on Amazon) but his latest title, Crash Dive can be enjoyed by readers of all abilities.


Barney’s wanted: preferably dead and silenced forever…

They’re after him – but Barney doesn’t know who they are until he discovers a deadly terrorist plot.

After a series of lucky escapes, he tries to strike back and get help but no one will believe him – not his teacher, not the police and not even MI5.

The only person who will listen is Laura but can two teenagers outwit such a sinister terror attack?

Time is running out. FAST

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