We were there when eBooks first came onto the UK market and keep our fingers on the pulse of this rapidly changing technology. Our geeks eat, sleep and dream HTML. They are the first to know about any new technology to enter the eBook market.

We convert all kinds of written work to eBook format, from plain text novels to highly illustrated coffee table books. We normally use auto-flow technology so that the eBooks display well on all devices big and small, but we can also produce fixed layout ePubs. We can even embed audio and video content. All we need to get started is your work.

We convert to the standard formats of .mobi and ePub. A .mobi file is Amazon’s preferred file type. The latest Kindle devices can handle complicated elements such as colour, embedded fonts etc. However, the most basic Kindles cannot (and a lot of people still use those). An ePub file is used by every other eBook retailer – it has much greater capabilities and can include embedded fonts, graphics, audio files and video content. All our conversions are done manually (not by automated “meatgrinder” devices). Our eBooks are tested and put through a thorough quality control process in house before they are passed to the author for approval.  Our geeks seek out glitches so that your readers never have to see them.


Advantages of publishing your eBook with Acorn

Global – Reach readers all over the world instantly. Our eBooks are stocked by thousands of retailers internationally, including Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Waterstones and many more.

Easy – Get your eBook on sale at lots of different retailers without having to invoice each retailer individually. Instead, we do it all for you and give you one simple quarterly statement.

Fast – Once an eBook file has been approved by an author, we can have it live on Amazon in 24 hours and with our other retail partners within a few weeks.

Professional Quality – All our .ePub and .mobi files are created and checked by in-house experts.

Comprehensive Metadata Service – We want readers to find your books and to facilitate this we build metadata into the eBook files. Good metadata makes your books more discoverable

Download a sample

Now You Know by Christopher Chase Walker

Slick, urban literary fiction from Amazon Breakthrough Award Semi-Finalist, Christopher Chase Walker

If you have a Kindle and want to download a sample of one of our mobi Ebooks you can download a Kindle sample here




The Golden Moonbeam – Angela James

Beautiful magical debut featuring Mailliw, a brother who must go on a quest across kingdoms to find a cure for his sister before she fades away to nothing.

If you have an iPad and want to download a sample of one of our ePub Ebooks you can download an iBooks sample here