Self-Publishing FAQ

acornfaqWhat is self-publishing?

Self-Publishing with Acorn means that the author pays for, and is in total control of, the publishing process.  We use our expertise to produce your work and get it into wholesale distribution channels.  It will be published under our company, the ISBN will be registered to us but all copyright remains with the author, as stated on the copyright page of each book we print.

What is Print-on-Demand?

Print-On-Demand uses revolutionary printing technology which enables you to economically print as many or as few copies of a book as you want. Previously, the off-set method meant that it was prohibitively expensive to do small print runs.

Print-on-demand has already taken America by storm.  In 2009 the number of new print-on-demand titles was over double that of traditional publishers *(Footnote: Association of American Publishers).

What is an e-book when it’s at home?

E-books are digital editions of your work which can be downloaded and accessed on a number of e-reader devices such as the kindle, iPad, Sony e-reader as well as computers and many mobile phones.

Is self-publishing with Acorn for me?

Self-publishing with Acorn is for authors who want a professional book, strong marketing campaigns and personal service from experts who really care.

What are the advantages of self-publishing with Acorn?

  • We give you the tools and knowledge you need to comprehensively market your work, on- and offline.
  • Top editors. All our team have worked for leading publishing companies and literary agents.
  • Fantastic cover design from our award-winning designers.
  • A high-end professional self-published editions
  • Creative control
  • Personal service: meet your team face-to-face before we start work.
  • Excellent international trade distribution channels via Ingram, one of the world’s largest book wholesale distributers who supply all the major chains.
  • Online distribution e.g. through Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and many more.
  • High Royalty rate.
  • Speed to market. A traditional publisher will typically take 12-18 months to get your work to market. You can self-publish in weeks.
  • You retain full copyright. You license Acorn the right to produce print-on-demand/e-book editions. You can terminate the license at any time after the publication. (more click through to fact sheet on blog)
  • Green. The print-on-demand model is resource efficient. It eliminates the need for warehousing, returns and pulping. We only use certified sustainable sources. For more information click here.

What paper weight/type/size do you use?

The standard paper we use is 90 gsm but if you need something different e.g. art paper for photographic books we have a wide selection.  Our standard size is B format paperback (129 x 198mm), but we can print in a large variety of paper sizes  and stocks depending on your needs.

What if I want to include colour graphics, photos or charts?

We can accommodate all graphics, but this will not be included in the basic publishing packages.

Paperback or hardback?

Our packages are based on paperback bindings but we can do all sorts of finishes including hardbacks with or without dust jackets..

Why do I need an ISBN?

If you want to sell your book through retailers you need an ISBN and a corresponding bar code.  This enables the retailer to keep track of how many copies of your work they have sold and how much they owe you.  It also enables readers and retailers the world over to order your book and access information on it.  We will register your book with Neilsen, the ISBN registry and ensure copies of your work are sent to the appropriate copyright libraries

Where will my book be available?

Your book will be available at thousands of online retailers internationally and available to order at bricks and mortar stores.

Why does Acorn focus on marketing as well as publishing books?

We believe that marketing can make or break a book which is why even our basic package includes some marketing.  Your book may be the best thing since sliced bread but people need to know about it.  We can teach you how to generate coverage, organise events and make a splash.

If you have any more questions about self-publishing, give Ali a call 0208 249 7474 or visit our contact page