Why Self-Publish With Us?



Self-publishing with Acorn is an investment in your work and gets your beautifully designed and edited book to retailers and in readers’ hands fast.

REPUTATION & QUALITY – We have built a reputation in the industry for self-publishing at the highest end of the spectrum.

PERSONAL AND INDIVIDUAL SERVICE – We meet all our authors face-to-face where possible, and are always on hand at every stage of the publishing process. We take the time to understand our authors and their books. We carefully choose the members of our team (in-house and from our pool of experienced freelancers) that best suit their project.

FLEXIBILITY – Although we have a number of self-publishing packages, we understand that all authors are different and have different needs. We often put together bespoke packages or slightly alter the way in which we work to accommodate everybody. We do not offer a one-size fits all product. We can print in black & white or colour, on a variety of paper stocks and in a variety of sizes and bindings. We can also embed multimedia content into our eBooks.

DISTRIBUTION – We work with the biggest paperback distributors in the world and all the major eBook retailers to ensure that your titles are readily and easily available.

ORDER BOOKS AT COST – You can always order any number of copies of your book at the cost price. We do not add a margin on to printing.

MARKETING – We understand the importance of marketing and can equip our authors with the knowledge and tools they need to go out and confidently pitch their work to the market.

TOP NOTCH EBOOK CONVERSION & METADATA MANAGEMENT – Our eBooks are built by real people, not automated conversion software, and checked and re-checked on numerous devices to ensure a smooth reading experience. We also create and update strong metadata tags to help your book reach browsers.

JACKET DESIGN – Our designers are not just graphic designers who can design a book jacket, they have made their careers out of designing jackets at big publishing houses and have seen their work in many a chart.

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